"Admin" tab

Here you can

  • Update the firmware
  • Restart the charger
  • Download SCC and EVSE logs

You don't have to do anything, go to "Installer" tab.

Download the firmware file you need here.

1) Browse for the firmware file on your computer

2) Tap "install update"

3) You will see the charger unpacking the .ZIP. The LED will start fading or become red. You will lose connection to the configurator. Please allow for up to 15 minutes. Once the LED is back to normal, the update is done and you can log back into the configurator.

It is possible you need to do several updates to end up with the newest firmware version. Please check our Firmware page for more details

You can restart several components of the charger.

The fastest is "EVSE", which will usually fix any problems you are having.

If you are having problems with WiFi or SIM, you can try restarting the OS.

Need help? Just call us at: 
+31 (0) 252 745 601
(9:00-21:00 UTC+1)

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