"CSMS" tab

Here you can:

  • Connect the charger to an OCPP backoffice
  • Disable RFID scanner
  • Use standard RFID UID instead of swiping RFID tag

If you want Plug & Charge, please read the instructions below.

Otherwise, continue to Smart Charging.

1) "Authorisation Strategy" → OFF

2) Enter the backoffice's websocket URL. For a list of supported backoffices, see here.

3) Double check that the Chargepoint ID is correct. Volt Time's usual syntax is "VT_[serial number]"

With Plug & Charge, the driver will not need to swipe an RFID tag to start the transaction. 

1) "RFID Enabled" → DISABLED

2) "Default ID Tag mode" → ENABLED.

3) For offline/local charger, leave "Default Id Tag" as "Default". 

If the charger is connected to an OCPP backoffice, set the UID here. 

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