"Load" tab

Here you can set the Load Balancing mode of the charger.

About the load balancing modes

  • Static Load Balancing: The charger will be limited to "Charger Current Limit" (from the previous "Installer" tab). The charger will not adjust power dynamically.

  • Dynamic Load Balancing: The charger will read the building's power usage, subtract this from total available site power, and use all remaining power to charge the car at maximum speed.

  • Import: Hard-core solar balancing. The car will only charge if the building is exporting enough power (usually 6A per phase). Not recommended for most sites.

  • TopUp: The car will charge at a minimum speed, unless export exceeds this (if so it will charge faster). 

  • TopUp Eco: The car will charge at a minimum speed, but only if the building is exporting a certain amount of power.

1) "Enabled" → ON

2) "Load Balancing Mode" → Dynamic

4) Set the minimum amount of change (in Amps) the charger needs to detect before increasing load. We recommend leaving this at default value (0,5).

5) Set the safety margin. This the difference between available power and charger output, just in case. We recommend 2A.

6) Set the site limit. This is the maximum amount of power the building can offer per phase.

6) Set the "Load Balancing Minimum Delay [s]". If the charger detects more available power, it will wait this amount of seconds before increasing power output. Just in case. We recommend 10 seconds.

There is currently no User Interface (app) for the driver to easily select between Load Balancing modes. 

We recommend setting Load Balancing Mode to "Dynamic" or "Static", and not to configure Solar Balancing.

If you choose to configure Solar Balancing anyway, please note: The app will not work on SIM. The charger must be installed on WiFi or Ethernet.

1) "Enabled" → ON

2) To enable Import mode, select "Load Balancing Mode" → "Import"

3) To enable Top-Up mode, select "Load Balancing Mode" → "TopUp"

Next, set "Load Balancing Minimum TopUp Charge [A]". This is the minimum amount of power the charger will use in this mode. The charger will charge faster if more power than this is exported.

This cannot be set lower than 6A, because EVs usually require at least 6A.

4) To enable Top-Up Eco mode, select "Load Balancing Mode" → "TopUpEco"

Next, set "Load Balancing Minimum TopUp Charge [A]" from the previous step.

Now, set "TopUpEco Minimum Export Threshold [A]". The car will not charge unless the building is exporting this amount of power.

When you are done, tap "Save".

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