"Network" tab

Here you can:

  • Check WiFi/SIM/Ethernet connection status
  • Change Ad-Hoc WiFi settings
  • Connect the charger via WiFi to a network
  • Set SIM APN, Username, Password

Tip: You can connect the charger to Ethernet, WiFi and/or SIM at the same time, just in case. It will always choose the following order of priority

  1. Ethernet
  2. SIM
  3. WiFi

About Ad-Hoc WiFi
There are 2 types of WiFi connections.

  1. Ad-Hoc WiFi is a network that the charger itself will send out. It is only used to log into the charger, and does not provide internet. Note: This connection will only last 30 minutes, after which the charger needs to be rebooted.
    By default, when you boot the charger, the charger will have this function enabled. 

  2. With normal WiFi, you can connect the charger to an existing network. This is used to provide an internet connection to the charger.

Note that Ad-Hoc only works if the charger doesn't already have an internet connection.

1) "DHCP" → ON

2) Under "Ethernet", check that "Status" is "up"

3) Optional: Static DHCPIn case the network operator has reserved a specific IP for the charger, you can configure this here. This is usually only done on company sites with large networks. 

4) Tap "Save"

1) Check whether the charger can see the required network by hitting "Refresh List" 2 times.
Networks with strength <30% are not recommended.

2) "WiFi" -> ENABLED

3) Enter the network's name in "WiFi SSID" and enter the password in "WiFi PSK" 

4) Tap "Save"

 1) Check whether the SIM is already working correctly

If it says "SIM OK", you don't have to do anything.

2) If the SIM is not working, ensure its login details are correct under "APN", "Username" and "Password".

4) Tap "Save"

5) To re-test SIM connection, tap "restart modem". This will take 5 minutes.

6) After 5 minutes, tap "refresh modem info" to check the SIM status.

Note: If you change the Ad-Hoc log-in details, the provided sticker's WiFi passwork (and/or network) will no longer be correct. You must inform the owner of the charger of this change.

1) You can change the Ad-Hoc Network Name under "Ad-hoc SSID"

2) You can change the Ad-Hoc Network Password under "Ad-hoc PSK"

3) You can change the Ad-Hoc Timeout (in seconds) under "Ad-Hoc Timeout"

Don't worry, there is always a way to connect to the charger.

Please check "Logging into the charger".

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