"Transactions" tab

Here you can:

  • See transactions: Use this page to ensure the charger is working correctly. 
  • Whitelist RFID tags: The charger will only accept these tags.

Do nothing. Continue to the CSMS tab.

Will the charger be connected to a backoffice?

Do not use the Whitelist feature! Continue to the "CSMS" tab.

1) "Control" -> ENABLE

2) Tap "add". The charger's LED will start fading.

3) Swipe the RFID tag you want to whitelist in front of the card reader. The charger's LED will return to normal. To check if it worked, tap "refresh". One tag should be added now:

4) If you want to whitelist additional RFID tags, repeat steps 2 & 3.

5) To remove an RFID tag, tap "remove" and scan the tag like in step 3.

6) "clear all" will remove all tags from the whitelist without warning!

It is possible to export & import whitelists.

1) Tap "export whitelist". A .json file will be downloaded.

2) To import this whitelist, tap "Browse".

3) Tap "import whitelist".

This step is for advanced users.

If you know the UIDs of the RFID tags you want to whitelist, you can manually edit the whitelist file to add these in bulk.

1) Make sure you have whitelisted at least one RFID tag.

2) Tap "export whitelist".

3) Open the .json file that just downloaded using Notepad.

4) Add a "," after the first UID and add the new UID in quotation marks such that the syntax looks like this:

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